Holographic Nail Designs in 2020

If you are looking for cute nail designs, then this one of the trendy nail designs you must try. Tropical prints are all in this summer and ladies are raving about pineapple prints on their nails. The combination of sky blue and pineapples make for a cute nail design especially if you want to switch on the vacation mode with your nails. One of the cute nail designs for summer, this is amongst the nail color ideas which is trending this year.

Looking for pretty nail designs, then try this cute nail art which shows the night sky. You would love the new style nails, If you are in love of constellations and moon. For this you would need to paint delicate stars to get a celestial inspired cute nail. Match it with a half-moon on a pastel nail and you’d be the queen of the night for sure as you would end up with cute nails. Who wouldn’t like the entire night sky beaming at the tip of your fingers?

Forget what Pinterest and YouTube tutorials tried to convince you because, for many of us, doing nail-art at home is fucking hard. Personally, I can barely swipe on a singular shade of polish without getting it all over my cuticles, let alone free-hand any sort of nail-art design. And that’s a big bummer when you get a big a kick out of having elaborate nails like I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love a trip to the nail salon as much as the next person, but even one monthly manicure with the added cost of nail art can wreak havoc on my budget.

Buying nail-art tools to use at home never seemed viable, either. I always figured there was no use investing in dotting tools and all those brushes if I didn’t have the skill level to use them successfully at home. So, at a nail-art impasse, I starting experimenting with simple looks that I could pull off with random stuff lying around my house. Beauty communities on the Internet have nail-design hacks using just about everything you can think of: floss, mascara wands, tape, plastic bags… the list goes on. If you’ve tried some of these so-called hacks, I don’t even have to tell you that plenty of them are either hard to use or just a flat-out scam.  

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